Intensives are a therapeutic option where a series of intense, daily sessions are recommended to address addictions.

  • This process consists of five days in a row of therapeutic sessions to specifically address addictions.
  • This option may initiate the therapy or come somewhere down the line, but it's an advantage traditional weekly sessions cannot match.  Clients seem to be able to experience growth and addiction kicking more rapidly.
  • This quick start helps people stop "dancing around" and instead drop into the real underlying conflicts rather quickly. 
  • The crucible develops more efficiently in a matter of hours or days instead of months.
  • Clients who have not responded optimally to less profound interventions may respond well to intensive treatment.
  • Clients may also chose an annual intensive to deepen their process.
  • Some clients find it more convenient to come for treatment for a briefer period of time, rather than stretch out their treatment. This may be especially useful for clients who have difficulty adjusting their work schedules, or who come in from out of town.